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AMICI Italian Cafe

AMICI Italian Cafe AMICI Italian Cafe

AMICI Italian Cafe

Amici Italian Cafe has been serving up fresh ingredients and fun times for 20 years! We have opened our doors in 6 great Georgia communities, including; Athens, Covington, Lake Oconee, Madison, Milledgeville and in Monroe. Come dine inside or outside in most locations. There is a full bar that always has your favorite game on, and our famous, award-winning wings are always hot! Come by after work and have a chilly beverage with friends…seasonally you can enjoy live entertainment and you should always keep

 your eyes open for the chef specials. Haven’t got time to sit with us? Pick up something to go, or let us cater your next office lunch. Our 

food is made fresh every day; we use the finest quality market products available, and we make it to order for you! Remember…”there’s always something goin’ on at Amici!”



1100 Parkside Main, Suite 101, Greensboro, GA


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